The Marketing Formula - 6 steps that will make marketing easy for you

This book will make marketing easy for you. It is based on the programme I developed years ago, called RESULT. It is an acronym. It will guide you through the 6 easy steps in an understandable and practical way:

  • Recognise yourself - Develop a powerful marketing mindset and discover your and your company's values

  • Evaluate the market - Define your ideal client, look at the market and competitors, discover trends

  • Show them what you've got - Create your story, review your product and set pricing for your product or services

  • Unite all your knowledge - Develop your marketing plan

  • Launch your activities - Implement your marketing strategy and learn about time management

  • Talk about your business - Take your networking to the next level, develop your elevator pitch, improve your body language

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Your Marketing and Creative Start-Up Coach Christine

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  • “This must-have guide for all business start-ups and young entrepreneurs is a jargon-free journey into the world of marketing. Guiding the reader step-by-step, it provides opportunities to really think about their business venture, what’s great about it, who their customers are and how to generate awareness in a cost-efficient way. Ultimately, it presents easy ways to ensure your business flourishes and grows.” Muntazir Panjwani, Director Vercossa,

  • “I have been running successful businesses for the past twenty years since I left school at seventeen years old. At times running a business can be frustrating, challenging and also very demanding. But of course, there are lots of positives of running a business too. One of those benefits is spending time with other like-minded people, sharing tips, stories and learning new skills from other industry experts. Christine is certainly an industry expert and her knowledge in business marketing is simply amazing. The Marketing Formula is a great book for anyone who wants to start their marketing journey or take their business marketing to another level. The six marketing steps that Christine shares in her book will certainly make marketing simpler and easier to understand." David Bell, Founder & Managing Director for Simboc Limited, 

  • "A pocket book full of wisdom and know-how. Invaluable for any business, this helpful guide takes you through six stages to get a well researched and practical one-year marketing plan to sustain your activity and grow your market share." James Cracknell, SFEDI Accredited Business Adviser

  • “This is next step in Christine’s comprehensive guides to the different aspects of starting your own business. This book takes you deeper into the aspects of marketing and how to facilitate the marketing function of your new business. It builds upon the areas touched upon in Christine’s first book, but it stands alone as a guide to marketing in its own right.” Brenda Coombes, Director, Andraste Accounting,












Unwrapping my first printed book

  • "I would definitely recommend it! It is the perfect pocketbook for everyone interested or engaged in the Marketing realm. Both the style and the language give depth to the chapters, without seeming too professional. I have particularly enjoyed learning how straight-forward and easy it is to establish a marketing mindset through core values, and how to use the Pareto principle. In addition, the context is not restrained to 1-1 ideas and advice, but it also provides genuine worldwide examples, which make the reading more interesting and appealing. The recommendations and suggestions are easy to put in practice, and the overall presentation of the topic makes this book a successful marketing formula." Claudia

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